Mag Repairs Florida, USA

Hi-tech mag repairs in Deerfield Beach, Florida!

  • Mags restored to their original OEM factory conditions!
  • Expert wheel repair technicians with many years experience.
  • The best mag repairs available in Florida, USA.
  • Patented Lenco mag repair machinery & equipment.
  • Latest technology used in wheel repairs.
  • Highest quality mag repair equipment.
See the difference below!

Lenco CNC Lathe

  • OEM Re-manufacturing of standard & alloy rims.
  • Diamond cutting of the face for OEM or custom wheels.
  • Change of pitch circle diameter (PCD).
  • Customization of any rim color & finish.
  • Crack repairs & aluminium welding on alloy rims.
  • Tyre fitment and wheel balancing.

Mag wheels restored to original OEM factory condition using hi-tech machinery & equipment.

Wheel Repair Specialists is the most trusted mag repair company in the United States, offering hi-tech mag repairs using the latest standards in wheel repair technology to ensure every crack, bend, buckle and scratch on your standard or alloy mag is no match for our expert wheel repair technicians. Wheel Repair Specialists is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida where you can find our friendly wheel technicians who are always ready and waiting to assist you with all your mag repair queries! Wheel Repair Specialists have over 50 years in combined experience meaning we can offer you the very best in mag repairs available in the United States.

Wheel Repair Specialists use the latest in patented hi-tech wheel repair machinery to restore, repair, recondition and re-manufacture your standard or alloy wheels back to their original OEM factory condition, your mags will look brand new once we are done with them saving you lots of money on having to replace them! Wheel Repair Specialists use the latest wheel repair CNC lathe machines and equipment available from Lenco Holdings, a USA based wheel repair machine manufacturer and developer that provides us here at Wheel Repair Specialists with the best in Wheel Repair technology that allows us to offer you the best mag repairs in the USA! The developers at Lenco Holdings are constantly working around the clock to create new and even better equipment for wheel repairs that the Wheel Repair Specialists will always have access to for our beloved clients!

For the best wheel repairs available in the United States, contact Wheel Repair Specialists today to find out more about our services and pricing to repair your mags!