Lenco wheel repair machines

Simple rim repairs using Lenco patented mag wheel repair machinery and equipment!

Lenco Holdings LLC has a collective experience of 50 years in the alloy rim repair industry which allows them to offer a fine tuned and user friendly platform for repairing vehicle mag wheels. Lenco Holdings have developed trusted methods for repairing, customizing and refinishing automotive and light truck wheels.

Lenco Holdings LLC are firm believers that heating and machining are not the best or most effective way to repair rims and these two practices should be avoided wherever possible, although there may be certain instances where minimal amounts are necessary. Using Lenco rim repair machines, one has the ability to repair almost every wheels without the element of excessive heat or machining.

Lenco Holdings proudly boasts an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the wheel repair industry, this includes setting up and cost analysis, to the “Where” and “how” or “who” in marketing your rim repair business. Lenco Holdings help will assist you every step of the way in helping you to not make many of the same costly mistakes that any one naturally would, think of Lenco Holdings as your business partner, helping you succeed in the wheel repair industry!

New state of the art technology in rim repair equipment & machinery is constantly being developed by the engineers at Lenco. New improved technology developed by Lenco will be offered to the industry in a cost effective manner. Lenco has all forms of wheel repair equipment including wheel repair machines, polishing machines and lathes with CNC option.

Lenco also offers expert knowledge to the rim repair industry through their highly effective wheel repair training so you can get the best out of your Lenco machinery and equipment. Some areas of training will be wheel repair, welding, refinishing mobile and onsite, lathe and CNC operation.

Lenco Holdings can even go as far as advising one on how to set up and run a chrome plating facility. So if you are looking to start your own alloy wheel repair business, get in contact with Lenco Holdings LLC to find out more information about their patented CNC wheel lathe machines, straightening tools, powder coating machines and their vast knowledge of the wheel repair industry.

View some of the equipment and machinery offered by Lenco Holdings LLC below: