Wheel Repair Services Florida

  • Refurbishing alloy wheels in Deerfield Beach, Florida for over 20 years.
  • Alloy rims completely restored to their original OEM factory condition.
  • Highly capable of repairing almost all damage to your alloy wheels.
  • Specializing in cracked, bent, buckled and scratched mag repairs.
  • Expert rim repair technicians for professional alloy rim repairs.
  • Hi-Tech mag repairs using the latest CNC wheel repair lathes.
  • Alloy mag wheel repair shop with friendly & helpful staff.
  • Associated with Lenco Holdings based in Florida, USA.
  • Contact us for more information and to get a quote!
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Alloy mag wheels completely refurbished back to their original OEM factory condition.

Wheel Repair Specialists offer the following Rim repair services:

  • Diamond cutting of the face for OEM or custom rims.
  • OEM Re-manufacturing of standard & alloy rims.
  • Alloy wheel Straightening.
  • Powder coating
  • Crack repairs & aluminium welding on alloy rims.
  • Customization of any wheels color & finish.
  • Tyre fitment and wheel balancing.
  • Alloy polishing

Hi-tech alloy wheel repair specialists located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Wheel Repair Specialists offer affordable hi-tech alloy wheel repairs in Florida. Get in touch with us or come visit us at our rim repair shop located in Deerfield Beach, Florida where you can speak to one of our highly trained wheel repair specialists about having your alloy mags restored or straightened back to their original OEM factory condition. With over 50 years of combined wheel repairing experience, you can be assured that we are fully capable of restoring or straightening almost any damage to your alloy wheels including but not limited to cracks, bends, buckles and scratches. You can trust the Wheel Repair Specialists to recondition your standard or alloy wheels back to like-new condition. Wheel Repair Specialists is proudly associated with the world leading manufacturer of patented hi-tech wheel repair machinery, the Lenco wheel repair equipment & CNC wheel repair lathes provide us with the hi-tech wheel repair machinery & equipment that allows us to offer you the best mag repairs every time! Get in touch with one of our friendly sales staff for an affordable quotation or speak to one of our wheel repair technicians for more information on our mag repair services.